Decoupage Toy Box
Decoupage Toy Box

How about creating a magnificent family heirloom? A technique that has been around for a very long time, namely “poor man’s work ”, is ideal for this purpose. Decoupage is an affordable craft for achieving long lasting results.


  • Dala Craft Paint (100ml)
  • Dala Podge (500ml)
  • Dala Acrylic Matte Glaze Medium or Dala Deco Varnish
  • Dala Powder Glue
  • Dala Craft Glue (optional)
  • Giftwrap


  • Small pair sharp scissors 
  • Small square sponge
  • Broad paint brush
  • Matt Polyurethane varnish
  • Turpentine
  • Newspaper
  • Waterproof paper (800 and 400 grit)
  • White furniture polish
  • Soft cloth


  1. Prepare the gift-wrap:
    • Line working area with old newspaper.
    • Using the sponge apply two coats of Podge onto the gift-wrap.
    • Allow Podge to dry between coats (it goes milky and dries clear).

      Tip: Podging the giftwrap prevents the printer’s ink from being rubbed off and reinforces the paper for cutting and gluing.

    • Cut out the paper designs using a small, sharp pair of scissors.

  2. Prepare the toy-box:
    • Paint the wash onto the toy-box and allow to dry.
    • Sand the entire box with water and 400-grit waterpaper. 
    • Allow to dry and apply another coat of wash to the toy-box. 
    • Once the wash is dry, you might want to waterpaper (sand) the toy-box again – allow to dry.

      Tip: To make a “paint wash“, dilute craft paint with water (50%) and add ± 10% matt acrylic glaze medium. Warning: If making a dark colour wash use deco varnish instead of the matt medium.

  3. Gluing:
    • Apply the glue to the back of the giftwrap and on the toy-box where you want to apply the design (this will allow you to change your mind about the positioning of the design).
    • Use your finger to secure the centre of the design, work out toward the edge, allowing air bubbles to escape with the excess glue.
    • Use a damp cloth to remove the excess glue.

      Tip: Mix powder glue as per instruction with 20% craft glue. This mixture has an extended drying time, allowing for the design to be moved.

  4. Finishing the toy-box:
    • Once all the designs have been glued and allowed to dry, apply six thick coats of podge with the sponge. (Allow to dry clear between coats.)
    • Sand the entire box with water and 400-grit waterpaper. Be careful not to sand too much along the ridges of the design.
    • Wipe the excess water with a damp cloth.
    • Apply two coats acrylic matt glaze medium, allow to dry clear between coats.
    • Water sand lightly with 800-grit waterproof paper for a smooth finish. (Wipe off sanding residue with a damp cloth.)
    • Apply two coats polyurethane varnish (allow 12 hours between coats) 

      Tip: For a super fine finish, waterpaper (sand) one last time using 800-grit waterproof paper. Apply white furniture polish; allow to dry before buffing to a fine sheen.

  5. Antique crackling:
    • (Optional) before applying the polyurethane varnish antique crackling may be applied to create an aged effect.
    • With a broad paintbrush, apply a thick even coat of antique crackle.
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