Easter Egg Treasure Tin
Easter Egg Treasure Tin

Spoil your loved ones this Easter by placing their eggs in raw tins decorated with Dala’s Artliners and Glass Glaze. Enjoy!

You will need:

Raw Tin – preferably flat sided and not round
Dala Glass liners in M3 (Bronze), M6 (Violet), GG3 (Blue)
Glass Artliners (White)
Mosaics and glass beads
Dala Craft Glue
Sheet of rough paper for planning
50% water/50% vinegar solution
Cotton wool
Paper towel
Sosatie Sticks
Easter eggs

…and a little bit of patience!!


  • Wipe outside of tin and lid with cotton wool dampened with vinegar solution to clean off grease marks and dirt film. Do not sand tin. 
    TIP: A flat-surfaced tin (square) is prefereable as the viscosity (runniness) of Dala Glass Glaze makes it difficult to use on curved surfaces.
  • Plan your design and colours on a piece of paper prior to starting.
  • Glue down the mosaics and beads with the Dala New Craft Glue using a toothpick to place a blob of glue behind the mosaic or bead. Let dry (about 15 mins)

  • Using Dala Glass Artliner M6 Violet direct from the newly designed applicator, draw the outline of shapes you wish to have coloured in (see flowers) . Be careful not to place lined design to the surface of table while the glass liner is still wet! Let dry for about an hour – slightly longer in winter. The liner must be hard before any further work is done. 
    TIP: For successful lining, hold the tip of the nozzle at a 45 degree angle to the surface. Squeeze gently lifting nozzle up from surface and drag away from your starting point . Do not push/squeeze – you must rather pull/squeeze. The line should come out as a raised line not as a flat line. Store Dala Artliners on their caps – this ensures that no air are trapped between the nozzle and the liner.

  • ONE SIDE AT A TIME – In a small container, drip two drops of Dala Glass Glaze GG6 White with the Dala Glass Glaze GG3 Blue. Using a sosatie stick apply the Dala Glass Glaze to the inside of the design. Always work around the inner lined area first. This forms a bond with the liner. Then flood the design with Dala Glass Glaze with a sosatie stick by dripping glaze into the area….repeat till area is full. If overfilled the glaze will spill over the liner. If this happens use a tissue twisted into a point dipped into the glaze spill to remove excess. 
    Tip: Never shake Dala Glass Glaze. Be very careful of mixing in air bubbles as they spoil the beautiful, high gloss, durable finish. Stir the contents of bottle with a sosatie stick to mix the pigment with the base before use. If bubbles form let bottle stand for a while before decanting. 
    Tip: Dala Glass Glazes are translucent. If you wish to make a colour opaque (solid), use a drop or two of Dala Glass Glaze White -GG6 to your colour. Another option - Dala Glass Glaze Pearl GG 12 added to your colour gives a beautiful sheen while the colour remains semi-opaque.

  • Let dry for about 1 hr on a level surface , and only when dry turn tin to continue the flooding of lined areas – REMEMBER -ONE SIDE AT A TIME. 
  • Once all Glaze and Liner patterns are dry, use Dala Glass Liner M3 Bronze and pipe little dots either randomly or in a pattern in the bare areas around the designs.
  • Dry. Will hard set in 24 hours

More about Dala’s Artliners

These extra fine Artliners can provide brilliantly accurate detail, making it indispensable to all crafters. Its versatility knows no boundaries and there is a variant in the range for different crafting needs.

Careful planning went into the specially designed applicator nozzle to ensure that very fine and accurate work can be achieved. Because of this, they are not only great for highlighting or outlining designs, but also to use on its own as a writing or drawing tool. The Artliner fits perfectly into one’s hand, is easy to use and crafters have a choice between Fabric, Glass, and Glitter variants. It is available in an array of colours, including basic, metallic and glitter shades. Another welcome addition will be the soon to be launched Ceramics Artliner. 

The Dala Artliner range is available nationwide from al major arts and craft stores.

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