Stencil Brush
Stencil Brush
Natural Short Bristle with Natural Wooden Handle

stencil, natural, bristles, brush, paint,  brushes

Stubby, natural bristle brush with a wide, squat head that is suitable for vertical stencil applications.




Type Size Quantity
Stencil Brush 1/4 inch 1
Stencil Brush 3/8 inch 1
Stencil Brush 1/2 inch 1
Stencil Brush 5/8 inch 1
Stencil Brush 1 inch 1
Stencil Brush 1.25 inch 1
Size Code Barcode
1/4 inch PBST-1 6009619395228
3/8 inch PBST-2 6009619395211
1/2 inch PBST-3 6009619395204
5/8 inch PBST-4 6009619395198
1 inch PBST-5 6009619395181
1.25 inch PBST-6 6009619395174

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