About Dala


The Xhosa word 'dala', when translated into English means 'to bring into existence' or to create. It has also become a South African slang word for  "making a plan", "getting it done" or "doing it your way" which is very apt for what we do here at Dala, and what we encourage artists and crafters to do too. Do it your way!

At Dala, we create products that allow artists and crafters of all ages and at all levels of proficiency the freedom to create successfully. Our products are not only formulated in the lab, but in classrooms and studios around the world.

We use only the highest quality, non-toxic raw materials in our production processes to provide you with a product you can trust.

Dala employs professional artists and crafters to constantly evaluate our product range, and we reserve the right to improve on the formulation of our products in order to reflect advances in science and technology.


Origins & Aims

In 1992 a small manufacturer, trading as KV Art Materials, first braved the South African market.

In 1994, along with a brand new South Africa, the now familiar Dala brand was born. The mission of this young company was twofold. Firstly, to create competitively priced, high quality art materials. Secondly, to become a relevant and sustaining part of the visual arts community through education and consistent support offered to artists and crafters - from students at school level to seasoned professionals.

Commitment to the production of high quality, reliable products as well as the dedication and hard work of all our staff members has proven a recipe for success. Since our launch we have grown to be a significant name in the art materials market. We currently offer the most comprehensive range of art and craft materials in South Africa and supply many distributors abroad.

With ongoing advances in technology and international trends, exciting new additions are regularly being added to our range, keeping Dala on par with international standards - both in the quality and variety of our products.

The only thing that remains unchanged, is our commitment and dedication to the arts and craft community.


Community Involvement

We regularly participate in events at primary and secondary educational level, involving especially disadvantaged communities in competitions, award ceremonies and recreational creative projects. We also take an active interest in the burgeoning community of talented young South African artists, and provide continued encouragement and material support to these artists. 


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