Wrapping Paper

Puff Paint is available in a range of 15 opaque colours, which become slightly lighter during the drying process.

Materials Required:

Dala Puff paint
Paper/small cardboard box

Equipment Required:

Small paintbrush
Electric iron, stove or a heat gun


  1. Paint your chosen images directly onto the paper or cardboard, or you could use your stencil to transfer an image. Paint the Puff Paint onto the surface of the card or paper and allow the paint to dry. (2 – 3 Hours in the sun or overnight.)
Tip: Do not paint on your layer too thick – the Puff Paints will dry brittle and break the way Polystyrene does.
  1. Once dry, the Puff Paint must be heated. A heat gun works really well. Heat the surface and watch the paint ‘Puff’. If you don’t have a heat gun, you could iron the back of the card or paper with a medium heat iron. Another method that works really well is using a stove plate. Once the plate has heated up, hold your painted surface about 10 cm above the plate, and the rising heat should cause the paint to puff.
Tip: Do not use your hair dryer. It will not get hot enough and you might just end up burning out the dryer.


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