Tin Christmas Tree Decorations

Dala Glass Glaze is a water-based paint available in 15 colours. It produces a beautiful, high-gloss, durable glass-like finish with no brush marks, which makes it particularly popular with glass and paper maché artists. It is also used as a decorative ceramic colour. It is adhesion promoting and will adhere to most surfaces – even the more difficult ones such as tin and wax.


Tin-foil pie pans, available from most supermarkets
Dala Glass Glaze
Gut or String


Small Paintbrush
Knitting needle or pen without ink


  1. Using the pen, trace the design onto tin-foil pan. 
  2. Emboss desired areas with the knitting needle or pen without ink to create deeper areas in which the Glass Glaze colours can be used. 

Tip: Remember to press very gently onto the foil to ensure that no holes are pressed through the foil. 

  1. Paint the desired areas with Glass Glaze. Leave to dry for 2 – 3 hours. 

Tip: The Glass Glaze bottle should never be shaken – this will only aerate the paint. Only stir the paint gently when necessary. To ensure a perfectly smooth finish, the Glass Glaze must be used on an absolutely level surface. 

  1. Using the scissors cut the design out on the traced lines. You can now emboss the decoration further around the edges, if needed. 
  2. Make a little hole at the top of the design and form a loop with the gut and string on a few beads. The decorations are now ready to hang on your Christmas tree, or be creative and use it as interesting decorations on your dinner table.
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