Sweetheart Boxes
Sweetheart Boxes

Valentines Day DIY Tutorial 2018: Sweetheart Boxes

Fun and "sweet" gift box tutorial to gift to friends and crushes 

• heart shaped boxes

• craft paints

• craft glue

• marker

• paintbrush

• ruler

• scissors

• sweets

In your chosen candy colours, coat your heart shaped boxes in a few layers of craft paint. We did three for a nice, rich, opaque finish.


Leave to dry for about 20 mins in between each coat.

Rule some lines on the red felt to determine your letter height and width (we used the thickness of a ruler for the height and each letters thickness was 2.5cm.)


Draw the letters that will make up your message. Some suggestions:

Be Mine

Love You




After cutting your letters out, apply some glue to the backs of the felt shapes and then stick them onto the lids of your boxes, pressing down gently to ensure they’re straight and affixed.

Fill the boxes with sweets and treats for your crush, your friends, or any of your loved ones. 


Include small trinkets and little written notes.


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