Sun Colour


  • Sun Colour No.1, No.4 and No.5
  • Teddy Wax Caryons – Purple, Orange, Leaf Green and Olive Green
  • Dala Waterproofing Medium
  • Cotton fabric – Two sheets (440mm X 360mm)
  • Compressed Batting - One sheet (450mm X 370mm)


  • Soft hair paint brush (no.6)
  • Hogs hair paint brush (No.20)
  • Tailor’s pen – blue
  • Domestic iron
  • Paper towel
  • Salt (preferably coarse)


  1. Make use of the blue Tailor’s pen to transfer the design onto the fabric.
  2. Use the wax crayons to outline the design.
  3. Dilute Sun Paint No.5 with water to make a pale blue wash.
  4. Wet the fabric with water to remove the Tailor’s pen line and to assist with the absorption of the wash.
  5. Use the No.20 Hogs hair brush to apply the wash over the entire sheet of fabric.
  6. Sprinkle salt onto the fabric and allow to dry.
    Tip – Fine salt will result in a subtle texture, while coarse salt will give a more defined effect.
  7. Once dry, rub the salt off and apply Dala Waterproofing Medium, allow to dry.
    Tip – For best results dry flat on an old towel. Avoid using newspaper as the fabric will stick to it.
  8. Colour the design by using the No.6 Parker brush and Sun Paint colours. Allow to dry.
    Tip – By carefully mixing the three primary colours, we are able to produce at least 12 colour variations.
  9. Cover the fabric with a piece of roller towel and iron off the wax crayon residue.
    Apply one more coat of Dala Waterproofing Medium, allow to dry and heat set.
  10. Iron on the Batting and sew the back on to finish.


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