Sun Colour
Sun Colour

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Dala Sun Colour is a concentrated, liquid fabric paint product that lends itself to sun dye and tie dye techniques. Specifically formulated for batik, salt drying and tie dyeing techniques.

Colours mix well - create your own shades.




Available in:

250ml and 

1 litre 



Colour Code Barcode
Megenta SUN-250ML-1 6009619382860
Lime SUN-250ML-10 6009619382952
Olive SUN-250ML-11 6009619382969
Black SUN-250ML-12 6009619382976
Brown SUN-250ML-13 6009619382983
Scarlet SUN-250ML-14 6009619382990
Maroon SUN-250ML-15 6009619383003
Red SUN-250ML-2 6009619382877
Orange SUN-250ML-3 6009619382884
Yellow SUN-250ML-4 6009619382891
Blue SUN-250ML-5 6009619382907
Navy SUN-250ML-6 6009619382914
Turquoise SUN-250ML-7 6009619382921
Violet SUN-250ML-8 6009619382938
Green SUN-250ML-9 6009619382945



1 litre:

Colour Code Barcode
Megenta  SUN-1L-1  6009619387179
Lime  SUN-1L-10  6009619387261
Olive  SUN-1L-11 6009619387278 
Black  SUN-1L-12  6009619387285
Brown  SUN-1L-13  6009619387292
Scarlet  SUN-1L-14  6009619387308
Maroon  SUN-1L-15 6009619387315 
Red  SUN-1L-2  6009619387186
Orange  SUN-1L-3  6009619387193
Yellow  SUN-1L-4 6009619387209 
Blue  SUN-1L-5  6009619387216
Navy  SUN-1L-6 6009619387223 
Turquoise  SUN-1L-7  6009619387230
Violet  SUN-1L-8  6009619387247
Green  SUN-1L-9 6009619387254 


Test on a sample piece of fabric to ensure compatibility.

Use as is or dilute with water.

Pre-soak fabric. Wring out til damp.

Liberally apply the Sun Colour to the garment or fabric.

While the garment or fabric is still wet position a stencil or arrange opaque objects in a decorative design on the garment or fabric and leave in the sun until the desired effect is acheived.

Remove the objects from the garment or fabric and heat set using an iron at the recommended maximum temperature for 3 minutes.

It is recommended that the maximum temperature for setting the paint is 130 degrees Celcius. 


*Clean up using warm, soapy water. 

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