Standard Fabric Liner
Standard Fabric Liner

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Dala Standard Fabric Liners are professional quality concentrated colour products to be used in conjunction with the Dala Fabric Paint range. Perfect for outines and fine detail work.

Ideal for use on both light and dark fabrics.


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Available in:

30ml and

60ml (Black and White only)



Size Code Barcode
Red NLF-30ML-1 6009619388671
Magenta NLF-30ML-10 6009619388763
Yellow NLF-30ML-2 6009619388688
Navy NLF-30ML-3 6009619388695
Green NLF-30ML-4 6009619388701
Black NLF-30ML-5 6009619388718
White  NLF-30ML-6  6009619388725
Clear NLF-30ML-7 6009619388732
Pale Blue NLF-30ML-8 6009619388749
Brown  NLF-30ML-9  6009619388756



Colour Code Barcode
Black FLT-60ML-5 6009619382686
White FLT-60ML-6 6009619382693

Use Dala Fabric liners in conjunction with any of the Dala fabric colour products.

Outline your fabric designs or create accents and details on pieces.

Heat set by ironing on the reverse side of the fabric.

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