Sponge Applicator
Sponge Applicator
Soft sponge applicators with wooden handles

sponge, decoupage, glue spreading, applicator

Soft and flexible black foam sponge on a wooden handle. Suitable for use with thin paints and inks, as well as for glue spreading and decoupage applications.


Visit the link below to see how easy it is to use our Sponge Applicators.

Type Size Quantity
Sponge Applicator 25mm 1
Sponge Applicator 50mm 1
Sponge Applicator 75mm 1

Also available:

Sponge Applicator Set of 3

 Size Code Barcode
25mm PBSA-25MM 6009619395266
50mm PBSA-50MM 6009619395259
75mm PBSA-75MM 6009619395242
3 Set Kit PBSA-KIT 6009619404852

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