Shopping Bag


  • Shopping Bag
  • Dala White Opaque Fabric paint
  • Dala Waterproofing medium
  • Paintbrush
  • Serviette of choice
  • Masking tape


Block out area for painting with masking tape. Ensure it is stuck down before painting.

Using Dala White Opague fabric paint, paint entire blocked out area. (Depending on the colour of your bag, it might be necessary to do 2 coats) Allow to dry.

Iron on the reverse side to heat set fabric paint.

Cut out or tear serviette. Place on the white painted area. Using Dala Waterproof medium on a paintbrush, paint on medium from the middle working outwards, until entire surface of serviette is covered.

Remove masking tape.

Allow to dry thoroughly.

Heat set Dala Waterproof Medium on reverse side with hot iron (no steam).

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