Screenprint T-Shirt

Intro: The following instructions are for individuals who are interested in DIY silk screen printing as a hobby, using cheap methods and easy - accessible materials/supplies.


  1. Craft Knife 
  2. Clear adhesive book covering (available stationery outlet) CNA, Waltons, etc.
  3. Silk screen (silkscreen suppliers, sign shops)
  4. DalaFabric paint (opaque) or (regular) 
  5. Buff tape
  6. Squeegee (silkscreen supplier)
  7. Hair dryer
  8. Iron
  9. Rags
  10. Blank t-shirt
  • Design image/artwork using computer software. CorelDraw, MS Word/Publisher OR simply draw design by hand.
  • Using a piece of clear adhesive, trace outline of design OR
  • Cut a piece of clear adhesive (A4 Size) and via computer printer print out design on the backside / paper-side of sheet of adhesive.

(NB: be sure to flatten/straighten sheet before printing it out.)

Following the outline - cut out design with a craft knife.
(NB: keep all the cut-out pieces).

  • Peel and stick stencil on the back side of silkscreen
  • You need to figure out which pieces are needed o block out ink / fabric paint.
  • Stick pieces on open areas/non-printing areas.
  • Tape buff tape on rest of silkscreen to prevent fabric paint seeping through non-printing areas.
  • Lay out your T-shirt.
  • Turn silkscreen over on flat side/print side and place it over t-shirt.
  • Place design about 6-7mm from neck of shirt (distance may vary depending the size of design
  • With a spoon, pour fabric paint on the edge your of design.

Pull/Scrape paint over design towards you using squeegee.(An extra hand may be needed to hold screen in place.)

Lift screen and dry fabric paint with hairdryer.

After thoroughly dry, heat set print with dry iron using a cloth/handkerchief. Place cloth over printed image and iron for 1-3min. Repeat on reverse side of T-shirt printed image.

Remove clear adhesive from silkscreen right after printing Clean/wash screen with water using shower/spray head in sink/bathtub to prevent fabric paint from drying & clogging the screen.

  • Use Dala opaque fabric paint on dark colour cotton t-shirts and Dala regular fabric-paint on light shirts.
  • Use an old T-shirt or other fabric to test Dala fabric paint before printing.
  • Re-Print/apply fabric paint 2-3 times to increase brightness, opacity/colour strength.
  • Use at-ruler to help straighten stencil when sticking it to silkscreen.
  • Mix a bit of regular Dala fabric paint with opaque (same colour) to increase elasticity and
  • Prevent print from cracking.
  • Use simple designs/big letters for easy cutting and sticking.

Happy Printing!

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