Rudolph Cookie Jar

Christmas DIY Tutorial 2015: Rudolph (cookie jar)

  • 1 x large and slightly and 1 x smaller foamalite ball
  • 4 kg air drying clay
  • craft sticks
  • White glue
  • Rolling Pin
  • Old toothbrush
  • Red and gold glitter
  • White red and green clever clay
  • Various browns and creams of craft paint
  • Large pot of cream craft paint
  • Gold craft paint
  • Acetone
  • Knife
  • Optional* : Potters rasp, blue saw (or credit card) and sand paper (potters tools)

Cut the tops off the foam balls as shown.

Using craft sticks as shown, attach the small Styrofoam ball to the large Styrofoam ball to create Rudolphs head and body.

Roll out clay slabs and cover the entire Styrofoam shape in an even layer. Try and work fast as the clay will immediately start to dry. Note: because the clay shrinks slightly as it dries, cracks may occur. Fill these with some more air drying clay and smooth over with wet hands.

Create Rudolphs facial features with the remainder of the air drying clay. Make some eyebrows and position them as you wish. Create some ear shapes and curl them slightly for a realistic look, and then a mound with a nose for his snout. Smooth the joins with wet fingers.

Create the feet (using the image on the left as a guide)

Attach the legs to the body by scuffing / roughening the areas that will be joined with a wet toothbrush to aid in adhesion.

Create a tail and attach onto the body using the same method you employed in Step 8.

Once the clay has dried for a few hours, as neatly as possible cut the head off. You can remove the styrofoam balls by using acetone to melt them (Visit a previous craft project that uses this melting method here and learn how to do this).

*Note: Please Take care when working with acetone. Work in a well-ventilated area or, preferably, outside for two reasons:
i) The acetone will melt the Styrofoam as you pour it into the clay shapes, creating a bit of a mess and,
ii) Acetone has a very strong odor.

Using a potter's rasp (brush type tool), blue saw blade (or plastic serrated knife) and sand paper, clean up the clay to a smooth surface.

Rudolph is now ready to paint. Take a look at the suggested palette for your paint job.

We used the following Dala craft paint colours (From left to right): Black, Chocolate; Raw Sienna; Ochre; Tan; White; Yellow; Scarlet and Red.

Create a base coat using the cream craft paint on the entire shape. Then use your darkest brown to fill in all the folds and creases (15 -16).

*Please note that this particular paint job was done using an airbrush.

Fill in the entire shape using a medium brown. Do not paint to thickly or spray too thickly, as you don't want to cover all of the brown you applied in the previous steps.

Again, cover the entire shape but in a lighter brown this time.

Paint or spray the hooves and antlers with the gold craft paint.

When the gold craft paint is dry, using your white glue, paint the hooves and antlers and cover with gold glitter. Do the same with the nose and cover with red glitter.

Roll out a long flat piece of white clever clay rounding it off at the ends. Place it around the neck as shown in the image on the left. The ends should just meet.

Create two short, flat pieces of the same width to create the hanging scarf ends. You can use some other colours of TEDDY Clever Clay to create accents.

Roll out a square shape and place it over the area where all the pieces of Clever Clay meet and pinch together in the middle. Your scarf is now complete and will aid in keeping Rudolphs head on.

Lastly, paint on the eyes in black and white.

It is recommended that you air the reindeer jar out for a few days before using it to store seets / biscuits. Clay will be fully dried after a 24 hour period.

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