Rubber Rollers
Rubber Rollers

rubber, roller, brayer

Dala rubber rollers are robust, plastic handled brayers with hard rubber rollers and are suited to the spreading of ink; paint; glue and more.

Useful for print making and large scale gluing applications.





Size Inches Centimeters
S 2 5
M 4 10
L 6 15



Dala Rubber Rollers are great for working with paint and ink for printing purposes, as well as applying adhesives to large areas. Use in conjunction with a roller tray.

When decanting paint/ink/glue into a roller tray, always place the tray on a flat surface that has been protected against spills.

It is also important not to overfill the tray as this will result in the spilling, and wasting of paint when working with your roller. 

Ensure that the roller is evenly coated all over as this will determine the coverage you apply to your intended surface. Once the roller has been coated evenly, you will need to 'dry" the roller on the shallow length of the tray by rolling it up an down across the length a few times. 

This removes all excess paint so you can begin painting.


*Clean up using warm, soapy water.

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