Pretty Pets

Dala’s new Picture Perfect, a versatile picture transferring medium, allows you to decorate clothing, cushions, bedding or anything else made from fabric with your favourite snapshots. This new, easy-to-use product is not only ideal to use for fabric scrap booking projects, but also to create special gifts and home décor items.

Available nationwide from al major arts and craft stores. For more information, phone the Dala helpline on 021 557 8003 or visit their website at


  • Cotton T-shirt
  • Photocopy of picture
  • Dala Picture Perfect
  • Dala Fabric Paint
  • Dala Fabric Artliners
  • Temporary ink fabric pen (optional)
  • Plastic bags
  • Flat paintbrush
  • Small paintbrush for fabric paint
  • Paper towel
  • Rolling pin, cardboard tube or wine bottle


  1. Place plastic bag on the inside of T-shirt under the area where picture will be placed (to protect fabric).

  2. Place picture with image upwards on a plastic bag and apply a generous layer of Picture Perfect to the front of image.
  3. Take image off plastic bag, turn over and gently place image, Picture Perfect side down to T-shirt and carefully roll flat using Rolling pin, cardboard tube or wine bottle.
  4. Protect picture with another plastic bag and use something heavy and flat to weigh it down. Let it dry overnight.
  5. Remove plastic bag and weight. Dampen surface of picture with paper towel (do not flood T-shirt) – leave paper towel on for 10 minutes to soak through.
  6. Remove wet paper towel.
  7. With fingers begin carefully to roll the paper backing off the image.

    • At first the paper will roll off in thick bits, getting finer once you are nearer the image.
    • Do not rub with extreme pressure or try to take too much backing off at once – start from one side to the other.
    • Rough movements will eventually remove the image itself, so it is very important to work slowly and take your time – feel with your fingers!

  8. Let dry – once dry you can see where the paper still has to be removed – it will look whitish.
  9. Again dampen only areas to be removed by sponging gently with damp paper towel and rolling off with very small, light circular movements of the finger/thumb.
  10. Once all backing paper has been removed, dry completely (about an hour).
  11. Apply a further thin layer of Picture Perfect onto image area only by either using fingers and massaging gently into picture or flat paint brush– ensure edges are also covered.
  12. Dry well and decorate with fabric paints and liners if desired.
  13. Dry overnight and then use a hot iron (no steam) for 3 – 5 minutes on reverse side of T-shirt or protect image with a cotton cloth – this heat sets the Picture Perfect and the fabric paint and liners. Failure to heat set will result in the picture and paint coming off in the wash.

    • Do not use original photos, but rather photocopy, or laser copy the photo. 
    • Decoupage paper images may be used – no tissue paper. 
    • Black and white or sepia coloured prints will result in a stunning “scrap-booking” look for a special pillowcase or cushion.
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