Palette Knife Set
Palette Knife Set

Palette knife, plastic, set

5 assorted, white plastic tools with flexible heads for the application of paint to a surface, and the mixing of paints with mediums.


Length: Tools range from 17cm - 19.5cm

Material: Plastic




Available as a 5 piece set

Number in pack Overall length Length of blade
1 18cm 9cm
2 17cm 3.5cm
3 19cm 4cm
4 18cm 5.5cm
5 19.5cm 5cm

Decant a desired amount of paint onto a paint palette and choose a suitable sized palette knife to apply the paint to your intended surface. Palette knives allow for the application of thick layers of paint, into which textures and patterns can be "cut".


Palette knives are also useful as mixing tools in combining paint with various paint mediums. 

Palette knives

Palette knife set - carded


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