Olive Oil and Sunflower Bottles

With the new Dala Ceramics @ Home Artliners it is easy to create a gorgeous olive oil bottle, guaranteed to add a classy touch to your kitchen or a sunflower oil bottle that will brighten up any room.

You will need:

Blue glass bottles
Dala Ceramic liners: We used Silver, Copper, Gold, Yellow, Green, Green Glitter, Gold Glitter)
Glass beads
Soldering wire (thin and able to be manipulated by hand)
Dala Craft Paint - We used Navy
Contact adhesive glue
Dala Craft Glue pen
Water & Vinegar solution
Cotton wool

Long-nosed pliers
Ear bud
A steady hand!

  1. Clean the bottles with cotton wool, dampened with the water and vinegar solution to clean off grease marks and dirt.
  2. Olive Oil bottle:
    • Using Silver Dala Ceramics @ Home Artliner, write the words “Olive Oil” in the middle of the bottle.
    • Decorate underneath the words with Green, Copper, Gold and Silver Dala Ceramics @ Home Artliners, leaving space for glass beads to be stuck on afterwards
    • Decorate around the top and bottom of the bottle with Silver and Copper Dala Ceramics @ Home Artliners to finish off the bottle.
    • Allow 24 hours to dry.
    • Bake for 40 minutes at 150˚C.

    • Stick glass beads at the bottom of the bottle with contact adhesive glue.
    • Wind soldering wire around the neck of the bottle. Allow spiral to open and apply contact adhesive glue at the back of the bottle over the wire to keep it in place. Olive Oil bottle Cork:
    • Use a new cork, available from craft shops.
    • Paint the top with navy Dala Craft Paint
    • Stick brown crafters thread around the top half of the cork with Dala Craft Glue:
    • Stick glass bead on top of the cork with contact adhesive glue. Pour Olive Oil into the bottle, put the cork in and stand the bottle next to your stove in the kitchen.

  3. Sunflower bottle:
    • Using Dala Ceramics @ Home Artliners, draw a sunflower in the middle of the bottle. Start with the middle and work outwards. (Middle – Bronze, Petals – Yellow, Smaller petals – Gold)
    • Using Green Dala Ceramics @ Home Artliner, draw a stalk with leaves. Once this is dry, enhance the stalk and leaves with Green Glitter Dala Ceramics @ Home Artliner.
    • Draw grass and sand at the bottom of the bottle with Gold Glitter and Green Glitter Dala Ceramics @ Home Artliners.
    • Decorate the top of the bottle with leaves to finish off the bottle, using Green and Green Glitter Dala Ceramics @ Home Artliners.
    • Allow 24 hours to dry
    • Bake for 40 minutes at 150˚C.
    • Use long-nosed pliers to manipulate soldering wire into the shape of a flower and attach to the neck of the sunflower bottle. Stick an orange glass bead in the centre of the wire flower Place real or artificial sunflowers in the bottle.

    • When using Dala Ceramics @ Home Artliners, maintain a constant pressure to ensure an even line. Hold the applicator at a 45˚ angle so that you can see the nozzle at all times. It is recommended to draw away from your body instead of towards your body for better control of the applicator.
    • Mistakes are easily removed with an ear bud.

The Dala Ceramics @ Home Artliner range is available nationwide from al major arts, craft and stationery stores. For more information, please phone the Dala helpline on 021 557 8003.

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