Neon Glitter Shaker Set
Neon Glitter Shaker Set

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Teddy Glitter Shaker Sets consist of 3 x 8g shakers filled with rich, sparkly glitter varieties. They are available in classic jewel tones, rainbow shades as well as neon colours! This is a crafters staple in a convenient, compact shaker bottle.


Visit the link below to see how you can create beautiful crafts using Teddy Glitter Products


DIY Project Link:Swirling Serenity Glitter Jars


Available in:

3x 8g blister packs

5 x 8g blister packs as follows:

Standard Glitter Shaker Set: Red, Blue, Green, Silver and Gold
Miss Teddy Glitter Shaker Set: Fuschia, Pink, Purple, Powder Pink and White.
Metallic Glitter Shaker Set



To minimise mess, work on a protected flat surface.

When working with loose glitter it is always advisable to keep a spare sheet of paper handy to catch any excess glitter so that you can funnel it back into its container.

Simply unscrew the cap and remove the small clear safety film from inside the shaker container. 

Return screwcap and use as desired. 

You could return the safetly film after use, otherwise store upright.


Product Code: G-BLN3

Barcode: 6009619409291

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