Mushroom Stump Sponges
Mushroom Stump Sponges

mushroom stump sponges, stump, sponge, applicator

These mushroom stump sponges are great for kids and adults alike.

Use them to apply fabric paint and craft paints to surfaces and fabrics. Especially great for dot art and use with stencils.





Variant Size
MSS No1 1
MSS No2 2
MSS No3 3
MSS No4 4
Set of 4 Various
 Size  Code Barcode
1 EA-MS1 6009619394382
2 EA-MS2 6009619394399
3 EA-MS3 6009619394405
4 EA-MS4 6009619394412
4 Set Kit EA-MSS 6009619394375

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