Mega Tie Dye Kit
Mega Tie Dye Kit

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The Dala Mega Tie Dye Kit is complete with everything you need to create unique and colourful tie dye pieces - just add water!

The kit includes NINE pre-mixed colour dyes, as well as a full instructional sheet that teaches you four Tie Dye pattern techniques: 

Spiral / Traditional; Scrunch; Stripes/Folds and Rings/Circles.


The Tie Dye is safe and environmentally friendly when used in accordance with our dying instructions.

Dyes up to 30 full colour items!


Visit the link below to see how you can use Tie Dye like a pro with the new Mega Tie Dye Kit. Dyes upto 30 items.

9 x Pre-mixed Colour Bottles:

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Turquoise
  7. Purple
  8. Brown
  9. Black


  • 3 x Packs of Soda Ash
  • 1 x pair of rubber gloves
  • 1 x pack of rubber bands
  • Full instruction sheet



BARCODE: 6009704487586

The Dala Mega Tie Dye Kit comes with a full instruction sheet that teaches you 4 different Tie Dye Techniques.


Work on a protected surface.


Simply soak your intended garments in a soda ash solution to prepare the fabric for the permeation of the dye, and wring out.

Add water to the dye bottles, following the instructions on the bottle labels.


Then add the dye to the garments - the more dye used the less white will come through in the design. Dye can be further diluted to extend the colour and produce more garments.


Leave for 24 hours in a plastic wrap and rinse in vinegar thereafter.


Dyed items should never be washed with daily laundry - wash separately.


Please note: Dye will stain porous surfaces

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