Leather Paint
Leather Paint

Dala Leather Paint is the perfect solution for revitalizing and reimagining your favourite leather goods. Our specially formulated paint is designed to adhere seamlessly to multiple surfaces including leather, vinyl, patent leather, canvas and denim, providing long-lasting colour and wear resistance.

Our paint is easy to apply and dries to a beautiful, durable finish.


Available in 28 vibrant colours, our leather paint is a must-have for any DIY enthusiast or leather artisan.

Available in 28 vibrant colours.


Colour Item Code
Acid LP25A
Almond LP25AL
Ash LP25AS
Blue LP25B
Beige LP25BE 
Blush LP25BL 
Black LP25BLA
Forest LP25F 
Fawn LP25FA
French Blue LP25FB 
Green LP25G
Grape LP25GR
Hot Pink LP25HP
Indigo LP25I
Lime LP25L
Mocha LP25M
Orange LP25O
Olive LP25OL
Purple LP25P
Periwinkle LP25PE
Red LP25R
Ruby LP25RU
Sky LP25S
Slate LP25SL
Turquoise LP25T
Umber LP25U
White LP25W
Yellow LP25Y

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  1. Shake product well before use.
  2. Remove laces and other items that will not be painted from your intented surface.
  3. Clean and prep the intented surface to remove any dirt, oil or stains and leave to dry completely before painting. Work in a well ventilated area to aid drying.
  4. Cover any areas that you wish to remain paint free with painters or masking tape.
  5. Using a brush, sponge, spray gun or airbrush apply the first coat thinly and evenly on the surface. Aviod leaving any streaks or clumps. Let this layer dry completely before applying additional coats and avoid touching or moving the item during this time.
  6. Once the final coat has been applied leave the article(s) to dry completely for 24 hours. This will be weather permitting.
  7. Use a soft cloth or brush to buff the shoes and bring out the shine once dry.
  8. Clean tools and work surfaces using warm, soapy water.
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