Hubert the Horse
Hubert the Horse

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Separate the yellow clay into two even pieces.
Put one half aside for the body and separate the other half again into two even pieces.\

Your clay should now look like this.
Keep the one smaller piece for the head and proceed with the other smaller piece to start forming Hubert's legs.

Separate the clay into 4 even pieces.

Roll and shape into little fat cone shapes to form the 4 legs.

Take the large piece set aside for the body and roll into a ball.

Elongate slightly on both ends and shape into a "roundish" sausage.

Place the body onto the legs.

Take the piece of clay set aside for the head and roll it into a ball.

Start pinching the one side into a cone shape to create the nose.

Continue with this pinching and shaping until you have the desirable shape for Hubert's head.

Take your blue ball of clay that is the same size as one of the legs and separate into three quarter size for the saddle and one quarter for the reigns. Roll the smaller piece into a long thin sausage and cut a third off - set aside.
Roll the larger piece into a ball.

Now roll the ball into a fat sausage.

Use a plastic teaspoon and gently press down on the sausage to create your saddle.

Push the long sides slightly inwards and your saddle is ready to place on Hubert's back.

Now you can place the shorter sausage around his nose and the longer one around his middle. Place the saddle on top and this is what he should look like now.

Gently push the eyes into the head as shown.

Place two halves of a toothpick into the front of the body as shown.

Now gently secure Hubert's head onto the toothpicks.

Pinch off a small bit from your red and green clay and roll into super thin sausages.

Arrange the sausages alternately in color to create his fringe. Cut the back edge straight.

Place his fringe on top of his head and turn the front ends up.

Roll some thicker green and red sausages and twist them together as shown.

Fold in half and twist again. This will be his tail.

Star t rolling another set of green and red sausages.
Twist them also and cut three evenly long pieces and two shorter pieces.

Assemble these five twisted pieces as shown.
This will be his mane.

Now simply place his tail and mane on his body and Hubert is ready to play.

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