Halloween Fridge Magnets
Halloween Fridge Magnets

Halloween DIY Tutorial 2015: Fridge Magnets

  • 1 x Yellow and 1 x orange EVA Craft Sheets
  • 1 x Black and 1 x green felt
  • White Clever Clay
  • Magnets
  • Green Chenille Stem
  • Black Craft Paint
  • Googley eyes
  • Styrofoam glue or Craft Glue

For the purposes of this tutorial we have created one of each kind of magnet pictured, though the above supplies will make you many of the EVA and felt shape magnets. However, you will need more than one bag of clever clay to make more ghost magnets.

As shown in the image, draw a moon shape, a pumpkin shape, oval shape and a bat shape on the separate sheets and cut them out.

Then stick them together as follows: the pumpkin shape on the green oval and the bat shape on the moon.

Stick a magnet to the back of your just glued shapes using a blob of Styrofoam or craft glue and add a magnet to the back of each one. Wait a few minutes for the glue to dry before moving onto 'Step 4'.

Time for all the small details. Stick the bats' eyes on. Cut and twirl a small piece of the green chenille stem and attach it to the pumpkin. Lastly paint the pumpkins face.

If you only wish to make the felt and EVA magnets then you are done with this tutorial. If you would like to create the ghost magnet as well, continue onto step 5.

For the clever clay ghost magnet:

Tip: Work on a non stick / plastic covered surface as clever clay will settle when not being handled and may stick to certain surfaces.


Separate the clay into the following: a large piece for body, a medium sized piece for the head and two small pieces for the arms.

Refine the pieces of fun foam and shape them as shown in the image.

Press them all together lightly as clever clay sticks to itself.

 Wait for the ghost to dry and harden a while (1/2 an hour to an hour) and then stick the ghosts' eyes on and paint his mouth.

Attach a magnet to the back of the ghost and wait for the glue to dry properly before placing on a metal surface.

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