Glass Glaze

Dala Glass Glaze is a water-based paint, available in 15 colours and 15 Glass Liners. It achieves wonderful results, not only as the basis for window and tile decals, but also for window treatments and creating fridge magnets. 

The sea-life theme, as used in this project, works successfully in both the bathroom and the kitchen.


  • Glass Glaze-Your own colour choice
  • Glass liners - Your own colour choice
  • 1 sheet of acetate (180 gm)
  • Kebab stick
  • stencil Glue
  • Salt


  • Aluminium foil 
  • Kitchen Sponge
  • Magnets (optional)
  • Epoxy Glue (optional)
  • Beads, bells, fish line and crimps
  • Pliers
  • Scissors


  • Using you choice of Glass Liner, trace the design onto the acetate.
  • Top tip: for successful lining, slice just the tip of the nozzle at a 45 degree angle. When squeezing the line out through the nozzel, the hole should always face you so that the line comes out not as a flat line but as a raised line.
  • Once the liner has dried, colour the design in using a kebab stick.
  • Note
    Never shake the paint before use. Simply stir with the rear end of a kebab stick. Use a paintbrush, as the bristles trap air and form bubbles.
  • When applying the paint, always work around the lined area first. This forms a bond with the liner. Once having completed this, flood the remaining area with paint. I have added salt into the wet paint while painting the crab. This create an interesting effect.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Top tip: For a successful finished product, the acetate must be kept level. If you don't do this, the paint will run to the lowest point and produce undesirable results.
  • Finish

Reusable window/tile decal

  • Paint your design onto the acetate (as described above)
  • Cut your design
  • Apply a line of stencil glue around the edge of the back of the acetate
  • Allow to dry (the glue will become clear when dry) 
  • You may now stick your decal onto a window or a tile
  • Note:
    The decals may be removed and repositioned without having to reapply the glue.

Window Treatment

  • Paint your design onto the acetate (as described above)
  • Line both sides of the acetate for a more professional finish
  • Thread designs together using beads as dividers
  • Beads and bells may be secured with crimps, which are available from most bead shops

Fridge Magnet

  • Paint your design onto the acetate (as described above)
  • Make use of the sponge to apply a thin even coat of stencil glue to the back of the design
  • Allow to dry (the glue will become clear when dry)
  • Apply a piece of Aluminium foil to the glue and smooth down with a dry, soft cloth
  • Cut the design out
  • Paste the magnet onto the back, using epoxy glue.
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