Fuzzy Notebook Cover

Back to School Project - Fuzzy (Chenille stem) Notebook Cover

  • A5 Notebook
  • Chenille Stems (28)
  • Syrofoam Glue
  • Scissors

Choose your colour scheme. Starting at the spine of the book, squeeze out a line of glue along the very edge. This will be where the first chenille stem is placed. Place it onto the glue as close to the covers edge and gently tamp it down into the glue. The other end of the stem will be hanging off of the other side of the covers edge. Straighten it if it is bent or lying askew - as all other stems will follow this one. After 5 minutes the glue will be dry and you can trim the end of the stem to the length of your book.

Continue with your colour scheme and pattern by repeating the process in Step 1. Trim the stems as close to the cover of the book as possible to avoid bits of wire jutting out. You can even lay down a few stems at once and then cut them all together.

You should be nearly halfway now. Repeating the process in Step 1, making sure there are no skew stems or wires poking out.

With space for only 7 more stems, you are nearly there, working right up to the other side of the book's cover. When your book is fully covered in stems you can go around the egdes neatening the scruffy bits (if any) and just removing any bits of wire that are hanging over the edge or sticking out.

Enjoy your new fuzzy chenille stem covered book as is, or decorate it further with an initial or a small emblem fashioned from your spare chenille stems.

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