EVA Stamp Letters 26PCS
EVA Stamp Letters 26PCS

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Lightweight and easy to hold EVA Alphabet Stamps are a great for children to learn the alphabet and encourage creativity.


This pack contains 26 alphabet shape stamps made from durable EVA foam that is easy to hold and clean.


Suitable to use with Jumbo Stamp Pads, powder and ready-mix paints.

Contains 26 alphabet shape stamps made from durable EVA foam.

  • 26 pieces per set
  • all stamps are round in shape with all letters of the alphabet


Barcode: 6009704483731

Each stamp has its own unique design, for endless patterns. These stamps are re-usable, so they can be cleaned after every use with warm, soapy water. 

  • Before using EVA stamps, remove the isolated pieces of EVA to create the negative space in your stamp design

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