Dough Activity Sets
Dough Activity Sets

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Teddy Dough Activity Sets come with 300g soft, Teddy dough and include fun dough tools like shape cutters and extruders for creating all sorts of unusual and interesting shapes and textures.




300g Cutter Set 

Includes 300g of Teddy Dough;

1 x dough roller;

4 x shape cutter tools and

googley eyes


300g Extruder Set

Includes 300g of Teddy Dough;

1 x extruder tool with 6 x interchangeable heads and

googley eyes


500g Cutter and Extruder Playset 

Includes 500g of Teddy Dough;

1 dough roller;

4 shape cutter tools;

1 extruder tool with 6 interchangeable heads and

googley eyes.

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