Decoupage on Tin

Items needed

  • Tin (blank)
  • Dala Craft Paint of your choice of colour or two to three contrasting colours (if sponging as in project)
  • Methylated spirits or vinegar water mixed - 50/50
  • Dala Podge (used as a glue and sealer)
  • Dala Deco Varnish (High Gloss or Dead Flat) or Acrylic Gloss Glaze Medium
  • Soft flat paint brush medium or flat foam applicator
  • Pictures from wrapping paper or serviettes
  • Gold Pen for outlining edge of lid (optional)
  • Small sharp pair of scissors
  • Hair dryer (optional in cold wet weather)


  • Wash tin either in warm soapy water, or use meths or vinegar water to clean tin free from all greasiness
  • Apply the craft paint with brush or sponge applicator, or sponge on, one coat at a time, the contrasting colours and DRY – repeat as many times until the tin surface does not show through about 3-4 coats)
  • Cut out or tear out the designs from the serviette or neatly cut out your motif/s from the paper.
  • Separate the layers of serviette, leaving only the single top layer to use. 
  • Position the serviette or paper cut outs and use a brush or your finger dipped in Podge to smooth the designs on. PAPER CUT-OUTS - Brush Podge onto the area of the tin where you want the motif to be placed – gently remove all excess Podge and bubbles.SERVIETTES – Place cut-out onto surface and gently brush Podge from the middle outwards.
  • DRY
  • Seal with two layers of Outdoor Podge/Podge
  • Finish off with a layer of water-based varnish
  • If required, now is the time to edge with the Gold Pen
  • If a shinier surface is required, further layers of water-based or oil-based varnish can be applied

UNPAINTED TIN (SILVER) - DO NOT SAND TIN as the manufacturer’s rust-proofing layer will be removed, causing rust spots caused by the water in the craft paint to appear after a day or two. A metal primer coat as an option could be painted on before applying craft paint. 
PREPAINTED (USED COFFEE TINS, BISCUIT TINS ETC) – wash with soapy water, rinse, sand lightly with 600 grit sandpaper and use a coat of metal primer before craft paint. 
GALVANISED - item must be washed with soapy water, rinsed and treated with a coat of galvanised iron primer.


  • Create various effect by using Dala Craft Paint colours, starting with lightest to darkest (dramatic) or alternatively darkest to lightest (subtle).
  • Dala Antique Crackle (2 part) or Dala Crazy Cracks 
  • Bagging (using disposable shopping bags) 
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