Decoupage on Glass


  • Shallow, flat glass bowl
  • Dala Craft Paints
    - Metallic White no M14
    - Caramel no CP30
  • Gold, Pearl and Copper powder pigments
  • Dala Ceramics@Home no 15 (clear)
  • 3 Small plastic containers
  • Soft, flat natural bristle Paint Brush (2 cm)
  • 2.5 cm Sponge Applicator
  • 3 small pieces of sponge
  • Blob of Pres-stick for planning of design
  • Felt tipped koki pen for marking off of design
  • Gold Permanent Marker Pen for edge (Optional)
  • Pictures cut out from wrapping paper
  • Small sharp pair of scissors
  • Hair dryer (optional in cold wet weather)


  • Ensure your glass is washed clean with dishwashing liquid or Methylated spirits – no greasy marks must be left on bowl
  • Cut out your wrapping paper pictures


  • Turn bowl upside down, and plan where you wish to place the pictures by using a tiny piece of pres-stick to stick image down. Paper must be placed image facing down to the glass. REMEMBER YOU ARE WORKING BACK-TO-FRONT.
  • Turn the bowl/plate the correct way up (pictures showing through from underneath) and trace roughly around the shape of each picture with the felt tipped marker pen – this helps to remember where each picture should be once the cut-outs are removed before being glued down.
  • Take off pictures and the pres-stick and turn the plate upside down again – you are now ready to work on the back of the glass bowl.
  • Edge the bowl with the Gold Pen (Optional) 
  • Putting sufficient Ceramics @ Home nr 15 on the glass surface in the area where the design is marked, place designs picture side facing down to glass as before and paste them gently down, one at a time. Larger images can be dipped quickly in water to become more pliable. Use your finger if item is not large; otherwise use the paintbrush to apply podge to glass. Again using your fingers, make sure that all creases and air bubbles are gently massaged out from the centre to the edges of the image – do not squeeze all the Ceramics @ Home in a rough manner, as it will make shiny areas and could damage your image. Ceramics @ Home nr 15 will dry clear. Clean up generally any excess podge around picture with a damp lint free cloth – once does not want a “wall” of Ceramics @ Home sitting around the picture which will leave a permanent ridge once dried. 

  • DRY well, either with a hairdryer for a few minutes, or natural drying for at least half an hour in warm weather.
  • Wipe off the felt tipped marker pen on the inside of the bowl with a damp tissue.
  • Edge the bowl with the Gold Pen (Optional)
  • Mix a little Dala no 15 Ceramics @ Home (half a teaspoon) and small amount (teaspoon tip) of gold powder pigment in a small plastic pot. 
  • Using one of the sponges and a little of the powder podge mix, sponge in a random order gently around the glass bowl as desired.
  • DRY

  • Repeat above steps for the Copper Powder pigment and then Pearl Powder pigment. Repeat a layer of Gold again before next step.
  • DRY
  • Now use the flat sponge applicator and Dala Craft Paint Metallic White M14 and apply one very thin coat over the sponging, working in even circular movements around the bowl. Then use Dala Craft Paint Caramel No CP30 and apply at least four to five coats as your background colour using a flat sponge applicator, drying well in between coats – no light must show through the bowl if held up to the light and the edges of the pictures must not show through the paint layers – try to get as smooth a finish as possible on the back of the bowl. Do not paint layers on too thickly as this will affect the quality of the finish.
  • Apply two thin layers of Dala Ceramics @ Home no 15 using a soft, flat natural bristle brush. Dry between each layer. Dry bowl upside down overnight or for 24 hours.
  • ut your bowl upside down (paint work up) into a cold kitchen oven. Glass will break if placed into a hot oven. Switch the oven to 120°C and bake for 20 minutes - start the timing from the time you place item in oven. 
  • Keep a look out for bubbles appearing in the paintwork, as any air that may have been trapped under a picture expands when heated. If necessary, use a fine needle and a damp cloth and pierce a tiny hole into the bubble and gently squeeze out. BE CAREFUL IT IS HOT!! After the allotted time, switch off and let it cool in the oven. If you have pierced the ceramic podge layer for the removal of bubbles during the baking process, patch over the minute holes with a layer of ceramic podge and heat set for 5 minutes with a hot hairdryer on those areas. 
  • THIS ITEM IS NOW HANDWASHABLE in warm soapy water. Item can be used for serving up snacks, salads etc and is not to be used for cooking in the oven.
  • You work back to front with the under glass method i.e. pictures first and then craft paint last.
  • Remember to take off the Pres-stick before gluing down your pictures – Pres-stick melts in the oven and will leave an ugly greasy mark showing through the picture.
  • Pictures can be designed in layers or overlapping – ensure that you get rid off all air bubbles before drying, - air expands with heat and will spoil the backing of the bowl in the baking process by making bubbles.
  • If you make too much of the powder pigment and podge mixture then ensure that a tight fitting lid is placed on the container and keep for the next time!!
  • For a more delicate sponge effect use a natural sea sponge.
  • If you use normal Dala Podge then your item is purely decorative and cannot be washed in water – through the baking of the object in your kitchen oven, Dala Ceramics @ Home no 15 renders it hand washable in soapy water.
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