Decoupage Wooden Box


  • Wooden blank
  • Sandpaper – 800 grit
  • Wood filler (if needed)
  • Paint brush
  • Dala white Craft Paint
  • Dala colour (your choice) Craft Paint
  • Dala Podge
  • Dala large Crack Base
  • Dala Crackle Glaze
  • Dala Artists Clear Varnish
  • Dala Antique Rub
  • Dala Craft Glue
  • 0.8mm cork
  • Paper print / picture
  • Clean, soft cloth or kitchen towel


  1. Prepare and paint the wooden blank.
  2. Prepare and cut out paper print / picture.
  3. Decoupage the picture onto the painted wooden blank.
  4. Allow all layers to dry well.
  5. Apply one layer of Dala Large or Small Crack base to the designated area.
  6. Allow to dry completely.
  7. Apply a liberal coating of Dala Crackel Glaze.
  8. Allow to dry completely (do not try and speed up the drying time)
  9. Use a soft cloth to dry rub the Dala Antique Rub into the cracks
  10. Wipe off the excess.
  11. Allow to dry for about an hour and reapply the Antique Rub as before.
  12. Allow to dry overnight.
  13. Apply a layer of Dala Clear Varnish.
  14. Another coat of varnish may be applied once the first coat has dried completely.
  15. Cut and glue the cork sheet to the base.

A Note

  • This project is not difficult but takes time as all the layers have to dry naturally.
  • Don't try and rush the drying time with sunlight ar direct heat.
  • The more liberal your layer of Crackel Glaze, the deeper and more visable the cracks will be.
  • Let the Crackel Glaze dry for a day or two to ensure that the cracks form well.
  • Once he varnish has been applied you can no longer fill any cracks.
  • A soft cloth, slightly dampened with Dala Turpentine will help to remove excess Antique Rub.
  • As both Large and Small Crack base and Crackel Glaze are transparent, it will help to hold the item at an angle to the light to make sure the entire surface has been covered.
  • Silver Antique Rub works well on dark background and bronze works well on a light background.

Picture Samples

  1. Unpainted wooden blank.
  2. Sanded wooden blank.
  3. Wooden blank with two coats of Dala white Craft Paint.
  4. Painted with colour that compliments print / picture. Dala Crack base and Crackel Glaze have also been applied.
  5. Completed with Dala bronze Antique Rub and Dala clear varnish.
  6. Completed with Dala silver Antique Rub and Dala clear varnish.
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