Crazy Cracks Tin

  • Blue Craft Paint (Dala No. 6) for the base coat
  • Dala Crazy Cracks
  • White (Dala No. 21) Craft Paint for the top coat
  • Acrylic Paint - your choice of any colour combination. We used Dala Acrylic Colours: Red Oxide (No. 18), Veridian (No. 15), Emerald Green (No. 14) and Yellow (No.6)
  • Antiquing wax

Make your own antiquing wax - mix 50% white furniture wax polish with 50% Dala Artist's oil Colour (this wax may be coloured to suit your design)


  • Tracing Paper
  • Carbon Copy Paper
  • Kitchen Sponge
  • Paint Brushes (Suggested sizes: #2, #12 and #20)
  • Paper Towel
  • Coffee tin
  • Turpentine


  1. Use the kitchen sponge to apply the craft paint base coat
  2. Once the paint is dry, apply a thin even coat of Crazy Cracks and allow to dry
  3. Apply the white Craft Paint top coat using a large brush (e.g. #12), working quickly over the surface. The paint will react to the Crazy Cracks and immediately begin cracking.
    Tip: The thicker you apply this topcoat, the larger the cracks will be. Take care not to overwork the surface. Apply and allow to dry.
  4. Trace and scale the design in the background to suit your tin
  5. Tape your design over a piece of carbon paper and attach it to the working surface. Using a sharp pencil, transfer the design onto the prepared surface.
  6. Decorate the surface with Dala Acrylic Paint
  7. Finish by applying an even coat of the Antiquing Wax mixture. Buff the excess wax off with a paper towel


Cleaning: Brushes and equipment that have been used for Dala Crazy Cracks may be cleaned with soap and water. Equipment used with Dala Oil Colour should first be cleaned with turpentine.

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