Clay Heart Pendant
Clay Heart Pendant

Valentines Day DIY Tutorial 2018: Air Dry Clay Heart Pendant

Easy to follow, and easy to make clay pendant tutorial 


• Air drying clay

• Craft Glue

• Hard Varnish

• a blunt knife

• paintbrush

• straw

• glitter

• ribbon or cord


Roll out a small ball of Air Drying Clay about the width of a R5 coin (2.5cm - 3cm)


* You could roll smaller balls for a smaller pendant but keep in mind that the thicker or chunkier the piece, the stronger it will be.


Using the blunt knife, make a small incision in the ball about 1cm deep. This will form the top of your heart. 

Gently flatten the clay and proceed to shape the heart shape by hand. The clay will have begun to dry already so work quite quickly. 


*Keep a bowl of water handy. With wet hands you can smooth any cracks and crevices.

While the heart is laying flat on your work surface, push a straw through the clay to create a hole where you will thread the string.

Air Drying Clay loses moisture during its drying process and will shrink slightly. 

For this reason allow the heart shape to dry while still threaded on the straw for a few hours.

Once your heart shape has completely dried, apply a coat of craft glue,to the entire surface, or one side at a time if you prefer, ensuring that there are no patches that are glue free.

Cover the glue coated heart with glitter, being quite generous with the shaker and making sure that the entire surface is coated. 


* If there are any gaps, patch them up with some glue and glitter on the paintbrush. You could even wait for this to dry and apply a second coat of glue and glitter.


Once the glue and glitter have dried, coat the pendant in Dala’s Hard Varnish. Coat one side at at time, covering the entire pendant evenly. 

Leave to dry for about an hour and a half.

Thread some cord or thin ribbon through the hole and create a knot of your preference.


Viola! your necklace is ready to be gifted or worn.

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