Bags of Sunshine

Help mom to make beautiful and handy shopping bags with Teddy and Dala!

Spend a bright afternoon with your children on this easy three-part project involving colouring-in, painting and basic sewing, and kiss your shopping bag blues goodbye!

Things you will need:

  • Medium weight white fabric
  • Teddy Wax crayons
  • Dala Sun Colours
  • About 1 meter cord, ribbon or webbing
  • An iron
  • A needle and thread or sewing machine
  • A fun idea to draw
  1. Cut a rectangle of fabric, the size depends on how big you want the finished product to be.
  2. Fold it in half and iron the crease, dividing the bag in a front and back section.
  3. Use a dark colour Teddy Wax Crayon to draw two rectangle “frames” on the front and back section to help give the pictures a sense of design.
  4. Now let the children colour and create their own artwork with Teddy Wax Crayons in the framed area.
  1. Move the children to an area were they could get a bit messy and pour about 2 tablespoons of Dala Sun Colour with 1 tablespoon of water into paint dishes.
  2. Provide children with aprons and paintbrushes and allow them to paint with the Dala Sun Colours over their Teddy Wax Crayon pictures and areas outside frames.
  3. When they are finished painting and while the fabric is wet, bring the fabric into direct sunlight and place objects such as buttons, rocks, leaves and flowers to reap the unique effects of Dala Sun Colour. Allow to dry completely before removing the objects. The shape of the objects will dry as shadow prints.
  1. In preparation to sew, place the fabric between two pieces of newsprint and iron to melt the wax away.
  2. Turn right sides together and press flat.
  3. Open and turn a three centimeter flap top that will act as a casing.
  4. Secure the flap with a straight stitch and turn the sides together again.
  5. Even the youngest children show interest in hand sewing, but a sewing machine at this point will make the project move quickly into completion.
  6. Sew the two remaining edges closed and attached a cord for shoulder bag or run a ribbon through the casing for a drawstring pouch.
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