All-In-One Dye
All-In-One Dye

dye; dyestuff; all-in-one; all-in-one-dye; colour;

Our new All-In-One Fabric Dye makes dyeing easy!

For use on natural fibres such as cotton, wool, hemp, rayon, linen, bamboo and more. 

The Reactive Dye is safe and environmentally friendly when used in accordance with our dying instructions.

Dyes 300g of dry fabric (approx. 2 T-shirts)

Complete your project in 30minutes




Colour Weight Item Code Weight Item Code Weight Item Code
Black 30g DY-30GB 100g DY-100GB 500g DY-500GB
Brown 30g DY-30GBR 100g DY-100GBR 500g DY-500GBR
Fire Engine Red 30g DY-30GFR 100g DY-100GFR 500g DY-500GFR
Green 30g DY-30GG 100g DY-100GG 500g DY-500GG
Olive Green 30g DY-30GGO 100g DY-100GGO 500g DY-500GGO
Orange 30g DY-30GO 100g DY-100GO 500g DY-500GO
Pink 30g DY-30GP 100g DY-100GP 500g DY-500GP
Process Blue 30g DY-30GPB 100g DY-100GPB 500g DY-500GPB
Process Red 30g DY-30GPR 100g DY-100GPR 500g DY-500GPR
Purple 30g DY-30GPU 100g DY-100GPU 500g DY-500GPU
Process Yellow 30g DY-30GPY 100g DY-100GPY 500g DY-500GPY
Turqoise 30g DY-30GT 100g DY-100GT 500g DY-500GT
Viridian  30g DY-30GGV 100g DY-100GGV 500g DY-500GGV
Golden Yellow 30g DY-30GGY 100g DY-100GGY 500g DY-500GGY
Navy Blue 30g DY-30GNB 100g DY-100GNB 500g DY-500GNB


Indigo Dye 350g DY-350GI





Wear gloves and protect your work surface.


  • Pour 2L of hot water into a 5L bucket and add dye.
  • Stir for 1-2 minutes until the dye is fully dissolved.
  • Soak your garment in clean water and wring out.
  • Place the wet garment in the dye solution for 30 minutes and stir.
  • Remove garment and leave to fix fior 1 hour before rinsing and washing.
  • Wash dyed garment seperately. 


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