50th Anniversary Glass Plate


Glass plate
Photocopy of picture
Black silk serviette
Dala craft paint (gold and white)
Dala Ceramics@Home (black)
Dala Ceramic Liner (black)


  1. Ensure plate is clean, wash in a mild vinegar solution. Allow to dry.
  2. Cut out picture, apply Dala Ceramics @ Home to front of picture, place on glass plate (face down) using a firm roller, roll out all the air bubbles.
  3. Place silk serviette over picture and apply Dala gold craft paint lightly with a sponge.
  4. A small amount of Dala craft paint was applied to form steps (so the picture will not be floating).
  5. Allow to dry completely.
  6. Apply Dala Ceramics @ Home (black) to the entire back of the plate.
  7. Allow to dry for 24 hours.
  8. Place in cold oven, turn temperature to 140 degrees, once temperature has been achieved, bake for 40 minutes. Allow oven to cool down completely before removing the plate.
  9. Use Dala Ceramics @ Home liner (black) on the front of the plate, for names, dates, etc.
  10. Once again allow 24 hours to dry before baking. Follow exact same baking procedure.
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