Glass Glaze Window Decals

Window decals are a great way to decorate your child's windows or that problematic sliding door that everybody runs into. Its suitable for simple carton caricatures or heavily decorated stained glass effects. Best of all its completely non-toxic and simple. You can trace your design and colour in with the glass glaze. The advantage of creating a decal and not painting on the window is that you can change the design or get rid of it when you have had enough of it.

  • Dala glass glaze
  • Dala glass liner
  • Acetate (overhead transparency sheet available at graphic or stationary suppliers.)
  • Dala stencil glue Design


  1. Place you design under the acetate.
  2. Trace the design with glass liner
  3. Allow liner to dry completely
  4. Colour in the design with glass stain
  5. Allow glass stain to dry completely
  6. Apply the stencil glue to the back of the acetate directly behind the glass liner. In this way it will not be visible from the front.
  7. Allow the stencil glue to dry completely before pasting the decal on your window.

Useful Tips

This product's low viscosity makes it well suited to flat glass designs. It may be successfully used on curved and irregular surfaces by building the colour up in tin layers.

Ideal for glass marbling. Apply a thin layer of colour to the glass surface. Drip a second colour onto the wet layer. The colours will blend into a marbled design. Experiment with more than two colours as well as texturing by combing and scratching.

Best results are achieved by applying Glass Glaze with a nozzeled applicator bottle or a pointed implement (e.g.. a toothpick).

All Dala Glass Glaze colours may be mixed for an exciting finish. Outrageous and unusual results may be achieved by blending and marbling with Dala pearlescent white.

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