Glass Liners

Dala Glass Liner is a water based out-liner, used to reproduce a stained glass effect. This out-line is coloured in, using Dala Glass Glaze. The liner is flexible, so it can be used on firm substrates like glass, or flexible surfaces such as acetate.

These liners could also be called Art and Craft Liners. They are successfully used by artists and crafters for a host of different applications. Artists use them to add a 3-D element to their work and they are often used to sign artwork. Crafters use them to decorate hand made cards, paper maché, decorative ceramics and cutlery.

The product is adhesion promoted and will adhere to most surfaces.

Caring for your liner: liners often become clogged and dry. We suggest you remove the applicator nozzle after use and wash it in hot water to remove any residue of the product from the delicate tip. The liner is water based and can become slightly thicker with the loss of water through evaporation. Small amounts of water can be added to the product to remedy this. If you wish to apply a very delicate line and find the product too thick, you can heat the liner up by placing it in a cup of boiling water. The heated product will now run more effectively, allowing you to produce fine, delicate outlines.

Clutch Pencil nibs can be placed inside our applicator nib to give you a finer line than the standard lid. These nibs often need to be taped in place to prevent spillage.

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