Glass Glaze

This is a waterborne polyurethane, transparent colour, with a low viscosity. (It is thin)

This product has pioneered the acetate window decal craze in South Africa, with creative spin-offs like mobiles and fridge magnets. The low viscosity makes it ideal for working on flat surfaces like glass or acetate (Overhead projector sheets). This low viscosity does, however, make it difficult to use on curved surfaces like light bulbs. For these we suggest a higher viscosity product with less flow.

It is the flow of the product that has made it so popular. The colour reproduces the surface of the substrate perfectly, giving you a glass-like finish with no brush marks.

Dala Glass Glaze can be combined with any water-based product and can also be used as a base for oil or enamel products. It produces a beautiful, high gloss, durable finish, which makes it particularly popular with paper maché artists. It is also used as a decorative ceramic colour. The superb flow and high gloss reproduce the finish of a glazed ceramic. Although the product is not thermo cross linked, many crafters have reported that the film becomes harder and loses none of its gloss, if baked in a kitchen oven. Do not bake for more than 40 min at 150’ C.

It is adhesion promoted, and will adhere to most surfaces – even on the more difficult ones like tin and wax.

Dala Stencil Glue is often used as an adhesive for window decals. This pressure sensitive adhesive is applied on the back of the decal and used to mount the image. The bond is temporary and the decal can be removed. This is a great way to decorate windows for special occasions, like Christmas for our window decal demo.

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