Craft Glue - Application & Direction Instructions

Dala Craft Glue is a premium, multi purpose craft glue. It is a polyvinyl acetate (PVA) that dries, without the addition of heat, to a tough, non-visible film.


Dala Craft Glue is suitable for most hard and soft woods, processed board, cardboard, paper, stone, leather, felt, cloth, cork etc.
This glue is ideal for school projects, DIY jobs and all your art and craft endeavours.
Simply mix Dala Craft Glue with one of your favourite Dala Powder Paints for a great finger paint.


Ensure that the surface is clean and free from dust and grease.
Apply the craft glue to one or both surfaces.
Clamp together for a minimum of one hour. Allow at least two hours drying time before handling.
The bond can be improved by increasing the clamp time � for a truly secure bond, 8 hours is recommended.
Clean excess glue from the joints with damp rag before glue begins to dry. Wash hands in water.

Craft Glue is NON TOXIC and NON FLAMMABLE and is therefore safe for children.

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