Oil Colour : Toxicity

Are Oil paints necessarily toxic?

Artists often use Acrylic paints rather than Oils, because there exits the alarming impression of Oil paints being toxic and hazardous.

  1. Oil paints are not by definition toxic.
  2. The binder medium, Linseed Oil, has been certified as non-toxic by the ACMI.

This leaves the pigment.

  1. Some manufactures do use heavy metals or other potentially hazardous pigments.
  2. These colours must be labeled with health warnings.
  3. Provided the pigments used in oil paints are non-toxic, the paint is no more toxic than acrylic.

Industrial cleaning materials generally used by artists are however toxic.

  1. There are ACMI certified non-toxic cleaning materials available.

Co-extrusion is the process by which our multi-layered tube is manufactured. The body of the tube is made up of 5 layers of material to ensure optimum sealing. The manufacture of this sandwich structure is made possible through Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer resins. These oil-resistant and anti-oxidant layers have enabled us to utilize state of the art technology in the packaging of Dala Oil Colours.

Oil paint, in the past, has suffered the effects of poor packaging. Issues such as the tube splitting and the product leaking, are no longer a problem. Dala Oil Colour may now be handled and transported with none of these annoying handicaps. Through the effective utilization of modern technology we have succeeded in providing an excellent product at an affordable price.

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