Acrylic Texture Paste

Acrylic Texture Paste is a pure adhesion promoted acrylic. It is a water-based product and can be diluted with water or Dala Acrylic Glaze Medium.

Because of the high viscosity (paste-like consistency) of the product, it is ideal for adding texture to your painting and can be successfully used in combination with any painting medium, whether it is oil, acrylic, water colour or gouache.

With water based products it may be mixed into the paint or used as a surface preparation. With oil paint it is used only as a surface preparation. For both acrylic and oil paint, it will create an ‘impasto’ texture. Oil paint is expensive and its slow drying time makes it a time consuming medium. Thick, impasto oils can take days to dry.

With ATP you can achieve the impasto finish by creating the texture on the canvas before you even apply the oil. The paste will dry quickly, creating a highly textured, flexible surface to paint on, saving you time and money. ATP is also a great way to make your own acrylics. Add any water-dispersed pigment to the medium and mix, creating your own, ready-to-use acrylics in the colours of your choice. The other advantage of this method is that you control the pigment loading. Make your acrylics as intense as you want them. No more hassles with the low pigment loading of some branded products.

For the contemporary painter, ATP sets new creative horizons, allowing you to incorporate sand or any mineral filler particle into your work. Mix these materials into the ATP and apply by brush or palette knife for a texture that not only looks great but is also technically sound and will not crack or fall of the canvas in a couple of years. A simple rule when combining oil and acrylic is to work from lean to fat. Oils are fatty; acrylics are water-based and thus, lean. Always work with acrylic under oil and your paintings will be around for a long time. If you were to try it the other way round, you will definitely encounter ‘archival’ (the life expectancy of your painting) problems.

ATP is also great for CRAFTING. It’s a fantastic way to add texture to any craft surface. The adhesion promotion ensures that ATP will stick almost anything. You can use it to carry texture, like sand or sawdust, onto tin, paper maché, ceramics, wood or polystyrene. Decorate your newly textured surface with any paint you like.

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