Valentines Day DIY Tutorial 2016: "Sweet on you" Jar

What you will need:

Step 1:

TIP: Work on a protected surface or outside as you will be working with glitter.

Fold a plain label in half and cut a heart shape. Stick this onto the jars lid.

Step 2:

Decant some glue and use the brush to apply the glue to the area around the sticker. Sprinkle glitter onto the glue over a scrap piece of paper so it is easy to decant any surplus glitter back into the container. Allow this to dry completely (about 20 mins).

Step 3:

While that dries, prepare your paper by cutting them into small notes of about 5cm x 6cm. These will be rolled into little scrolls and tied with red ribbon.

Decide on a number of scrolls - perhaps 14 for Valentines day, or a special and meaningful number to you and your valentine. Think "things I love about you", and write some heartfelt compliments. When you are done writing, roll each of the pieces up as tightly as you can (end of a paintbrush helps with this) and secure with red ribbon.

Step 4:

The glue and glitter should be completely dry by now and you can give it a coat of Hard Varnish. Apply a thin, even coat with the brush, applying it over the heart sticker shape. This should take about 25 mins.

Step 5:

Once the varnish is dry use the craft knife to 'score' the sticker from the varnish seal. Carefully lift and remove it to expose the cork heart shape.

Step 6:

Add your sweets to the jar first, and then the tiny scrolls. Leave it in a special place for your Valentine to find.