Intro: The following instructions are for individuals who are interested in DIY silk screen printing as a hobby, using cheap methods and easy - accessible materials/supplies.


  1. Craft/hobby knife (available at any Arts & Crafts / Hobby shop, Crazystore)
  2. Clear adhesive book covering (available stationery outlet) CNA, Waltons, etc.
  3. Silk screen (silkscreen suppliers, sign shops)
  4. Dala fabric paint (opaque)or (regular)(available at Arts & Crafts outlet)
  5. Buff tape
  6. Squeegee (silkscreen supplier)
  7. Hair dryer
  8. Iron
  9. Rags
  10. Blank t-shirt

Step 1:

  • Design image/artwork using computer software. CorelDraw, MS Word/Publisher OR simply draw design by hand.
  • Using a piece of clear adhesive, trace outline of design OR
  • Cut a piece of clear adhesive (A4 Size) and via computer printer print out design on the backside / paper-side of sheet of adhesive.
(NB: be sure to flatten/straighten sheet before printing it out.)

Step 2:

Following the outline - cut out design with a craft knife.
(NB: keep all the cut-out pieces).

Step 3:

  • Peel and stick stencil on the back side of silkscreen
  • You need to figure out which pieces are needed o block out ink / fabric paint.
  • Stick pieces on open areas/non-printing areas.
  • Tape buff tape on rest of silkscreen to prevent fabric paint seeping through non-printing areas.

Step 4:

  • Lay out your T-shirt.
  • Turn silkscreen over on flat side/print side and place it over t-shirt.
  • Place design about 6-7mm from neck of shirt (distance may vary depending the size of design
  • With a spoon, pour fabric paint on the edge your of design.

Step 5:
Pull/Scrape paint over design towards you using squeegee.(An extra hand may be needed to hold screen in place.)

Step 6:
Lift screen and dry fabric paint with hairdryer.

Step 7:
After thoroughly dry, heat set print with dry iron using a cloth/handkerchief. Place cloth over printed image and iron for 1-3min. Repeat on reverse side of T-shirt printed image.

Step 8:
Remove clear adhesive from silkscreen right after printing Clean/wash screen with water using shower/spray head in sink/bathtub to prevent fabric paint from drying & clogging the screen.


  • Use Dala opaque fabric paint on dark colour cotton t-shirts and Dala regular fabric-paint on light shirts.
  • Use an old T-shirt or other fabric to test Dala fabric paint before printing.
  • Re-Print/apply fabric paint 2-3 times to increase brightness, opacity/colour strength.
  • Use at-ruler to help straighten stencil when sticking it to silkscreen.
  • Mix a bit of regular Dala fabric paint with opaque (same colour) to increase elasticity and
  • Prevent print from cracking.
  • Use simple designs/big letters for easy cutting and sticking.

Happy Printing!