By Adele Badenhorst


  • Dala Acrylic Paint:
    1. Titanium white
    2. Indian red oxide
    3. Phthalo Blue
    4. Cadmium orange
    5. Bright crimson
    6. Permanent yellow
    7. Burnt umber
  • Acrylic gloss medium

Step l:

Paint the entire background in a thin coat of burnt umber. Paint the creases with burnt umber adding bright crimson around the stalk. Cover the background with Indian red oxide.

Step 2:

Background basic mixture: Titanium white, Cadmium orange, Indian red oxide Work around pumpkin adding more white into the mixture and then a little phthalo blue to create a darker shade. Paint cadmium orange over the entire pumpkin and bright crimson around stalk and creases. Paint stalk with mixture of titanium white, a little permanent yellow and a touch of burnt umber.

Step 3:

Add a mixture of burnt umber and phthalo blue around stalk and into creases. Use a mixture of titanium white and cadmium yellow to add highlights. Work a little phthalo blue, burnt umber and a drop of acrylic gloss medium below and around pumpkin to create a cast shadow. F jr ally, paint a mixture of acrylic gloss medium over the entire painting as a varnish.


Durbanville artist, Adele Badenhorst has been painting fulltime since 1998 and has been giving painting classes at Rust & Vrede in Durbanville for the past 3 years. Painting mainly in oils and having had 2 successful group exhibitions, she works mainly, on commission for clients locally and abroad. "However teaching remains my true calling as I really enjoy the creative interaction and sharing my passion with my students."