The Dala Paint Appeal Christmas Decorations are ideal to use as window decorations or as an addition to the Christmas table setting, since it will stick to any glass or non-porous surface. Use on drinking glasses as place indicators or as a colourful design around glass candle-holders. This results in a very effective stained glass effect that “shines” if the candle inside is lit. Peel the designs off after the Christmas celebrations and place onto a piece of acetate to store for next year’s festive season!

Dala Paint Appeal is a peelable, water-based, non-toxic formula, ideal for children and crafters. Apply the paint directly onto a non-porous surface from its applicator, allow it to dry and peel it off.


Dala Paint Appeal


Non-porous surface to work on (for example a sheet of acetate or glass)
Kebab stick


  1. Place the non-porous surface over the design and apply the Dala Paint Appeal straight from the bottle, colouring in one section at a time. 

Tip: A kebab stick can be used to gently smooth out the surface of the applied product and to ensure that adjacent colours are touching. Do not apply too thin a layer. Colours can be mixed while applying to create new shades. 

  1. Allow to dry thoroughly for 2-3 days. A certain amount of shrinkage will occur. 
  2. Peel the whole design off the non-porous surface. Stick onto the window or desired area. Remember that the designs are peelable and can be re-used. 

Tip: If an area looks messy or is damaged whilst drying, allow it to dry completely and then peel the design off the acetate. Cut out just the damaged area using a craft knife, put it back onto the acetate and re-do the missing section, allowing it to dry thoroughly once again.