Dala Paint Appeal is a peelable, water-based, non-toxic formula, ideal for children and crafters. The paint can be applied onto a non-porous surface directly from its applicator and then, after drying, peeled off and used to decorate glass windows, vases or any other glass-like surfaces. It is available in 10 colours: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Violet, Turquoise, Brown, Black and Lead.

You will need:

  • Blue or Turquoise Paint Appeal
  • 250mm thin blue jewellery wire key ring
  • 2 flat round sequence for eyes
  • 6 small beads
  • 5 bigger beads
  • Glass or Perspex to work on Small pliers
  • Glue
  • 50% vinegar/water solution


  1. Place design under glass and work towards the outside, following the curve of the design.
  2. Use the same method for round beads and tails.
  3. Place small beads in the round matt spots and eye sequence in the fish’s head with the tweezer/ small pliers.
  4. Allow to dry well. Test by turning glass around and checking from the bottom. Paint Appeal should be clear before it is ready to be pulled off.
  5. Tie wire and knot around key ring.
  6. Thread wire through 1st bead with 2 ends.
  7. Lay all the components of the 1st half of the fish upside down.
  8. Lay wire on the head, place a drop of glue on top of it and place the second half of the head on top of that.
  9. Thread wire through another bead.
  10. Follow same method as above for the rest of the fish and cut the wire off at the end of the tail.