Dala Paint Appeal is a peelable, water-based, non-toxic formula, ideal for children and crafters. The paint can be applied onto a non-porous surface directly from its applicator and then, after drying, peeled off and used to decorate glass windows, vases or any other glass-like surfaces. It is available in 10 colours: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Violet, Turquoise, Brown, Black and Lead.

You will need:
  • Dala Paint Appeal ( we used red for petals and green for leaves and stem)
  • Perspex / Glass
  • 80 cm thin jewellery wire.
  • Green Florist’s tape
  • Fake Pollen, available where you buy fake flowers.
  • Jewellery Pliers
  • Making Tape


  1. Cut 6 lengths of wire, 13cm each.
  2. Form 5 petal skeletons. Stick it onto the glass, at the stem, with masking tape. Make sure the petals lie flat.
  3. Form one leaf with a stem and stick above and under with masking tape onto the glass.
  4. Start painting from the liner bottle, beginning on top of the wire and then colouring in the area.
  5. Use the red for the 5 petals and the green for the leaf with the stem. Allow to dry well.
  6. When dry, pull all the petals carefully from the transparency.
  7. Take some of the fake pollen and shape the red petals around it. Keep al the ends, as you ad more petals, securely in your hand. Finally, form the green leaves around the red petals.
  8. Cover the wire stems with florist’s tape – start just under the flower and work towards the bottom to form a green stem.
    The petals can be shaped to give a realistic shape to the flower.