Category Range
  • Dalas pump action fabric markers are made from quality ingredients and are very easy to use
  • Compatible with most fabrics
  • For best results - use on light fabrics
  • Suitable for line-work and filling in large areas
  • Do not require heat setting
  • 4 shimmering pearlescent colours - red, and black yellow, blue

How to use Dalas Fabric Markers

  1. Shake markers well before use
  2. Ensure that your fabric is clean and dry before you begin
  3. Protect any areas you do not wish to colour ie. porous work surfaces
  4. For designs on apparel like t-shirts, place a sheet of cardboard inside garment so as to prevent the colour seeping through
  5. Pump the marker nib on a spare piece of fabric / paper to initiate ink flow
  6. Add colour to your garment
  7. Allow to dry completely (20 - 30 mins)
  8. Replace cap after use

Washes off of skin with warm soapy water

Available Sizes / Quantities

4 x 10 ml pump action marker pen in hanging blister