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  • Create vintage, shabby chic and distressed effects on almost any surface with our new decorative furniture paint - Craft Chalk Paint.
  • No pre-sanding required on even surfaces.
  • Just paint straight onto wood, metal, ceramics, brick, concrete, walls, wooden floors, certain plastics, basketry and weaving.

How to use Dalas Craft Chalk Paint:

  1. Apply 2 - 3 coats of paint to achieve your desired intensity, waiting 40 minutes between each coat.
  2. When dry, sand the painted surface with a fine grit sand paper / water paper to create your desired distressed effect.
  3. Finish the piece using Dalas 'Furniture Wax Finish'. This will enhance the look of the paint and provide a water resistant finish.

Please note: Dalas Furniture Wax Finish is best suited to painted pieces that will remain indoors. Painted pieces that will remain outdoors must be varnished.

Our Furniture Wax Finish accompaniment product can be found here.

Available Sizes / Quantities

100ml, 1 litre

Projects using Craft Chalk Furniture Paint

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